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the blog Saveurs Croisée
2014/10/23 18:03

It was about time that the holiday season ended in Goa with all the stress, hype and mess. The whole environment looks always to its worst after the New Years celebration. Of course we are all depending upon the Tourism here, so at the end we finish the high seasonal period with a laughing eye and a crying eye. However, today i have something pleasant for you to start the new food year! A fresh new pesto made with Almonds, Coriander and some other typical Indian ingredients. The surprise here is that it’s not my recipe, but instead I present you today another brilliant food blogger, Françoise from the blog Saveurs Croisée!

Actually, Françoise shares her recipes in her native language french but for the occasion she was so kind to accepted my invitation and share her recipe and memories with us in English. I am very delighted  and excited today to introduce you to Françoise and her blog. Her recipe choice, her writing, her photos and her general blog style approve my taste and in fact the food pretty much gives you an idea with what and how I grew up in Europe. Sometimes Françoise comes up with some new, non traditional dishes, so she even manages to surprise us with unexpected and pretty cool food dishes such as her Duck with forest berries and a late summer fruits chutney and today her Almonds and Coriander Pesto.

Her recipes might be in french but you can translate them easily with the google translate option on her blog’s left sidebar. Before I pass the word to Françoise, I d like you to know that she is a super sweet and a very open friendly person,

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