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Gradually into the sky
2014/01/08 14:55

Previously, always don't like red. Although the red represents enthusiasm, but I'm afraid so attract sb.'s attention Propecia. When you buy clothes are disgusted with red. But recently, this idea seems to be overturned. Good time, occasionally wearing a red jacket, also do not have a charm. Enjoy the red brought vitality, to enjoy the red brings joy.

With cinnabar pigment should be made, red red. The traditional Chinese painting, I will not draw. Just saw the works of others. But I like to sketch. They are like the hearts of the pattern, the original copy to the rice paper Best Restaurants in Hong Kong, and then a few pen, touch the role of decoration. Like nature itself -- highest quality beauty came into sight, enduring. So, in love with cinnabar red.

Nearly dusk, mildly passage of discourse, quietly leave. Quietly, waiting for the next cycle. The rolling tears, suddenly fall into the framework, the admixture of the song of Zhu Shahong, bittersweet. The original painting is, in order to wait for that will hold you, to take you along the people. The forehead ripples filar silk melancholy, next year is still you tie a yellow ribbon. Symbol of the true to the core aveeno baby hk.

The heart of love, cinnabar dance ink. A plain and simple heart, the influence of distant friendship. Red cinnabar, dancing with ink. Recorded each set people thinking of the story. We did not go far, love is never far away. Let a be fascinated with their heart affection, let a vermilion ink Yinyun with dancing.
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