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Pulitzer Vs Mr Jones
2020/10/20 00:34

"Mr Jones" is the kind of genre which i enjoy watching -- drama. What makes it even more watchable is its subject matter -- politics. For someone interested in history, the movie is gripping with lots of less known facts, or may be fictions. The movie shows Jones meeting with Orwell, and the theme of "Animal Farm" -- all animals r equal, but some r more equal than others, is recited in the movie. In checking Wiki, the book was published in 1945 and Orwell started writing it in 1943. but, Jones died in 1935. How Jones got Hearst to publish his Ukrainian famine report was dramatized, again, if not fabricated, in reading from a website dedicated to Jones by the descendants of his niece,

However, the most powerful and poignant point of the movie is the final line before credits  -- the Pulitzer awarded to Walter Duranty ( was never revoked. This statement exposes, exemplifies and epitomizes the hypocrisy of so called mainstream and prestigious media bodies such as the New York Times and Pulitzer, for their unwillingness and cowardice to admitting making mistakes. One incidence like Mr Jones is one too many, and it surely isnt the only one. Last April Reuters won a Pulitzer for its coverage glorifying HKs rioters.

In the 1930s, Hitler was the most imminent threat to fast-declining British hegemony, consequently Stalins soviet was becoming the darling of Britain and its allies in their efforts to counter the Third Reich. Majorstream media was reluctant to make negative reporting on the USSR, which is the background of the movie “Mr Jones”. Ever since its beginning, history just keeps on repeating itself. Ukrainian Famine which was caused by Stalins collectivized farming, was repeated a quarter century later in China by Mao. The current American efforts to inciting India to be part of its Indo-Pacific military strategy against China, is a repeat of wooing Stalin by the West. Nine decades ago they made a mistake of helping Stalin to hide the catastrophic famine, now they are making a mistake of even greater magnitude in putting today’s China in the same fold as Nazi Germany.

If u r interested in American politics and the issue of installing a justice on the Supreme Court, pls click

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