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2013/11/07 10:46

That I, I for you to take off, lotus seeds, tube amp lotus in hand hold, kiss. Amidst the season too blurred, dim moonlight is vast, you play in Jiangnan through, not to the people, just passing through.
In this life, I am a woman, your son, turned to meet, no complaints from the war. Take the poem as the reference, the word for the league, with the month, Zim as evidence, this life would much thought for you, make a love conquers all.

You are my five hundred years ago lost lotus, previous existence next life just waiting for you. You know the lotus bitter? This life for you drink the poison of Acacia, wait for you to solve. If you know the lotus bitter compass college, dark flow, can let me little tender? Don't ask the bustling "song without end, only to never abandon my oath. When the wind light cloud of light, and I still sit like lotus, lotus only worry, you know. And you are my life most beautiful complex, even if the silence, the vibrant, I still hold your hand, keep life agreement, this life and your warm dependent, watching the scenery, the afterlife again, and grow old with you.
The night is deep, with your warmth in my arms, but tossing and turning, once read, love will not return, the wind to fly to the end of the day, 100 turn thousand times gentle dream. Tonight I wanna snuggle up in your love, meet in a dream, with thousands of. That I, solitary quilt cold lie, jealously guarding Konggui, said of a woman or maiden. For who? After cycle, always miss you, in this world, no ideal setting for a couple in love, you agree with me, only lingering sentiments, affectionate, on this side of the other side,flowers and. Since you came into my life then, I am destined for you taste the suffering of lovesickness, from prison, keep a city, as a person.
The hills at the water, often only to you, to listen to the wind at the moon, but only to read you. I am eager to insipid happiness, in every day, you can face to face and you across, and you can hug and sit, smile into each other's eyes, even if you, your love, my love, flowing in the eyes of the breath of love, is bearing the promise, love life. Dear friend read not to meet, will the rest of the time to remember, is the fate and love. Let me know. Where are you? Tell me, where is the love? I can touch your affectionate face, put your hand in my hand, draw ten figures buckle, mutual love. I can rely on you the warm shoulder, will your heart close to my heart, carved floor, forever, never separate.
Often imagine yourself as that Dimei Fuqin woman, as you plucked a inclination of love, there is love heart, my obsession with love, and that the delay did not return to base, a dream is the millennium. After years, remain in the memory picture already stopped shore ran aground, the people, the city, the spirit of china...... Left alone with a miss, quietly down the root of the bottom of my heart, whenever I touch, heart ripples, overturning filled me with love. Only tonight, think of sad tears, read, there's not a moment to stop. I think you every moment, is a kind of sweet torment, always accompanied by tears, full of my restless heart. Is this pen even in, also filled with Acacia ink, into a not complete heart, fall into the boundless love, looking for another linked to heart. If you can feel, please don't hide in my eyes, even if only a faint shadow, I also wish, will you deep in my mind, feel your breath, you leaned in the arms, tell this affection. So, I'm crying into tears at the end of the world party, you hurt not the language in the Cape corner, Miss deep into, can not touch, do not say, afraid of a wonder you have not see. Finally understand, more grow up more lonely, without you, every moment is uneasy, rely on such a imprint is engraved on my heart., also have no place to land, only the wind drift, with the dust has settled, with dreams die, life situation, a wound.
Pool in the corner, lotus open Yan, but for the love of reincarnation, inverse day. Because the moment you had walked from the lotus pond, you glimpse, I give a pleasant smile of a woman, this situation has been doomed, is past the outstanding margin. Because it all you approached the lotus kiss, gentle eyes with thousands of eyes, I was drown in your kind thoughts, then you go fashion, is a thousand years. Because of your "world hundred Cha, only have a special liking" to you, I made "even the empress dowager, only also fell in love with you", then, the great stone lotus, before the case, write down our story, but I love you so hard, singing for a thousand years you may have heard,? You can feel? If thou love, without words, as long as a heart have agreed, I will tell you, this love, in my heart, never far away, and I have been waiting for you, waiting for you and I will be integrated into your arms, longitudinal wind, also not in vain. Sansei stone, a love.Interesting me the dead woman

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