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To the memory of my beloved
2007/09/17 05:16

When I studied in UK, I got sick. I went back home and had surgery in the hospital during Christmas. During my recovery, my father passed away. I was very sad but still had to go back to UK to carry on my study. I didn't know how to get the strength to continue my study. I had questioned myself whether my  decision to study in UK was wrong. I dedicated my Master thesis to the memory of my father.

When I completed my second Master, I planned to pay for my elder sister's trip to UK to attend my graduation ceremony. However, she revealed to me that she was very sick. She said she would travel with me later when she recovered. However, she could not make it. She left us in 2003. 

When I studied my Doctorate degree, my mother got sick and passed away in Oct., 2005. I was very sad. I postphoned my study and didn't want to work. Now, I got the strength to continue my school work. Though I couldn't dedicate my dissertation to my mother during her life time, I wish that I could have the strenght to finish it and dedicate it to the memory of her.

I have another sister. She said that to remove the saddness, it is better not to mention it. However, I choose to face it and build up my strength from it.

2011, I got my Doctorate Degree. I dedicated my paper to the memory of my parents and elder sister.

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生命的消長是自然現象 通常都是活著的人不捨 不要在沉溺再負面得的情緒中 趕快

走出陰霾 還有很多的事等著你去做 加油喔

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