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2017/02/24 12:17




Chang said the bureau would annou小額借款快速撥款nce the 100 one-day tours that will require two bus 小額貸款公司drivers before the start of the holiday weekend.

小額信貸條件“We will focus on those one-day tours that should have been designed as two-day tours, such as tours to Qingjing Farm in Nantou County, Wuling Farm in Taichung, Smangus Village of Atayal Aborigines i信用瑕疵辦車貸n Hsinchu County or Alishan. Drivers on these tours could be overworked if they are asked to drive back and forth in one day,” Chang said.

Owne小額貸款五萬rs of tour buses manufactured before 2006 were not required to present documents on the structure of the buses, Lin said.

Asked if such a requirement would信用瑕疵信貸 increase company costs and tour prices, Chang said safety is top priority, even if it means that travelers have to pay more for tours.信貸ptt

If tour operators cann債務協商銀行工會ot arrange for two drivers for any of the tours, they must have their clients債務協商會影響信用 use public transport for the trip, such as the high-speed rail, Chang said.

支票借款是什麼Directorate-General of Highways Deputy Chief Engineer Lin Fu-s小額借款利息han (林福山) said inspections over the 228 holiday would focus on tour bus companies that earned “C” or “D” grades last year.

Tour operators should not condense two days’ worth of travel into one day; if they want to offer one-day tours, they must have two drivers per tour, he said.

“Following [today’s] meeting, we will also ask tour operators to list a reasonable price range for any of the 100 tours for consumers’ reference,” Chang said, adding that the bureau would release the information全額貸款 to the public.債務整合銀行債務協商註記

Tour operators can either have two bus drivers on board, or have one driver drive to a desi信貸試算表excelgnated location and then have another driver cover the rest of the tour, he said.

The working hours of tour bus drivers have come under scrutiny in the wake of a bus crash on Monday last week that kil新車購車貸款條件led 33 people, amid claims that the bus driver had been working almost every day since Lunar New Year’s Eve.

STAFFING: Bureau officials are to meet today with industry and consumer representatives to review a list of tours that will have to have two bus drivers

Consumers could always choose a destination closer to home if they think tw信用貸款比較2017信用不良如何借錢o-day tours are expensive, he said青年安心成家方案2017.信用貸款率利比較2017

Bureau officials are to meet with representatives from the Travel Quality Assurance Association, various travel associations and consumer protection agencies today to review the one-day tours on offer to consumers, Tourism Bureau Dep信用卡協商還款uty Director-General Chang Shi-chung (張錫聰) said.

The bureau would also work with the Directorate-General of Highways and local la債務更生條件bor department officials to conduct random inspections of tour buses during the 228 holiday, particularly at popular scenic spots nationwide, Chang said.

By Shel青創貸款資格ley Shan / Staff reporter

The ministry is also scheduled to recall 5,157 tour buses next month that were manufactured before 2006 to address線上申請貸款 public concerns about the safety of older buses, Lin said.

A list of 100 one-day bus tours that will require two drivers has been compiled and tour operators must follow this requirement if they offer any of the trips during the 228 Memorial Day long weekend that begins on Saturday, the Tourism Bureau announced yesterday.

The vehicles would be examined based on the standards applied to new c青年首購貸款銀行a信用貸款利率試算r青年首購房貸2017 inspections, he said.


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