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When we meet, will hold
2013/12/31 12:10

Aging, I recall the past, but still can not back to that brilliant smile. It was burnt in the heart, like a cloud of ink, how rushed rushed away, how to wipe wipe not pale, just quietly, never expect my back Men clothing brands.

I know, is that your smile don't want to have any relationship with me, just like you on leave, silently endure tears, I left a handsome figure, but not behind me cry figure.

When I go back to the place where we met, my heart suddenly rises a consolation, at least here are our memories. Remember, when we met, you still that clean sunshine boy, that I was confused unsuspectingly girl, we cry together Managed Network, laugh together, enjoy the beauty, until that starry starry night, you lie on the grass and said: "month, I love you!"

I always think that star that I have ever seen in my life the most beautiful, and that time is my most precious memories, because you have me.

When I came to here, but has been.....

Perhaps it is my wrong one step, so we separated, but please believe me, if after the reunion, I will hold your hand, let you accompany me one's whole life Chinese business culture!