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What BECK found?
2014/02/20 12:38
BECK is the group manager of Pets and Aquatics, in charge of both departments of aquatics and pets of Evergreen garden centre. Everyday he works together with his staffs, he is a manager but did all the jobs what should to do by the other staff. What he saw?

What he found? What he thought out? Especially some staff’s left half job. His short legs are moving so fast it looked seemingly just liked he was trottingon tip toes.

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His hard work and good control, with good team cooperation made the fish house and pets zone kept in a very good order, every shelves looked like an military review formation "eyes right", everything looked so tidy. Some customers have said the fish house of Evergreen garden centre is the best one in England and like come to buy fish from us.

I have learnt so much from BECK, especially about management. He not only encourages the team members but also encourages the customers.

"For business we should find out customer’s merits and learn from them. As a Chinese byword : customers are 'hidden dragon and crouched tiger.'" One time he told me like that.

With BECK everything were excellent, including his head which is like an egg, thoroughly bare with no hair growing. As a Chinese saying: "A clever head without hair." I knew he is a wise-man and good manager that first from his egg head .

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"The Garden Centre has changed, BECK’s head changed too. Looking the Garden centre is more bright than before just as BECK’s head does." Somebody said jokingly.

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