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Originate from life and start from public welfare
2018/03/13 11:03


"Online help, I lost my campus card. My friends helped to forward it." "I found a headset in the middle school building at noon today, please ask the owner to contact me as soon as possible." All the time, all lost and lost and found the information emerge in an endless stream in the circle of friends, and a lot of the time, due to the limitation of the individual circles, the effect is not very optimistic.

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  For this, the students from grade 2015 in Southwest Petroleum University Ma astronomical deep in November last year, Ma Tianwens roommate card lost, hoping to find the information diffusion through more channels, found the school didnt have a large group of integrated information services to be used in a variety of school transfer, so Ma Tianwen proceeded to create his the first group of lost and found, and set up a special liaison in the college.

  Ma Tianwen told reporters, after the creation of the first group is grapefruit information sharing, on the basis of the development, with the increase of the number of students on the platform, demand is also increasing. He said, just thinking about doing some micro public welfare campus, the lost and found the information together, bring convenience to the students, unexpectedly, then more and more students to join the micro public welfare power is more and more big, more and more wide range, this platform has become difficult for the students to campus life your harbor, express feelings inn.

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  Later, with the members of the group are increasing and all kinds of need to release more and more rich, Ma Tianwens team decided to merge the public welfare group established in 2015 and November 2016 lost group, established the first grapefruit information sharing platform. After the two merger, on the basis of original help seeking and lost and found content, information sharing platform expanded other information including school important notices, student examination information and campus art activities.

  In July 2017, in order to meet the schools enrollment propaganda work, advance campus life wonderful and new unriddling to the new show, the public information management team for the new created grapefruit information sharing in the fourth group, just one days time, group members will increase hundreds of people, is now close to full strength. In order to meet the timely release and update the students more information needs and information, public messenger team is also growing, extended from the original more than 20 to now more than 60 people, as the permanent messenger students is divided into 21 flights per week, regardless of winter and summer vacation, exam week, every day for students have the timely release and transfer information!

  It is reported that so far, Southwest Petroleum University, the school has 4 grapefruit group information sharing platform (2000 people). "As the number of people is increasing, we are going to prepare to upgrade each group to 5000 people, or to build another fifth groups." The team is mainly responsible for Ma Tianwen said, "many students would repeatedly ask some questions, some information is required for the majority of the students and the majority of people benefit, we wanted to be able to keep the information down, students need to quickly query, so there is the newly established information sharing group the website and the public number based on the near WeChat."

  Zhang Gengyun from the oil and gas storage and transportation engineering level 2016 said in an interview with a reporter, previously encountered a lot of problems are asked fellow students or teachers, now enter the keyword search or login in the group asked, soon there will be enthusiastic students to give back, give a person a kind of "home, make known the campus" experience."

  To meet the difficulties and make the management more standardized and more fluent

  In the interview, reporters also learned that such a web Q & a platform, which focused on student learning and life, also encountered many difficulties at the beginning of its establishment. For example, the initial activity of the shared group is not high, and the members of the messenger are not enough, resulting in the frequent leakage of information, and the lack of news screening, resulting in more messy information, faster information updating, and some important notices are easy to be covered.

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