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Leading house enterprises adjust the selling rhythm
2018/02/02 11:35
At the end of 2017, when the Securities Daily reporters exchanged with frontline trader, we noticed that many marketing executives believe that the first half is the sales window period of the new housing market, and the second half may not be as good as that in the first half. In February, the Beijing new housing market supply project reached 11, and two new housing projects reappeared in more than 500 sets of housing. This is not much seen in the new housing market in Beijing for the past two years. According to a Beijing first hand to the "Securities Daily" reporter said, unlike in previous years, the Spring Festival holiday a new project, intend to enter the market this year sales of the relevant responsible person has entered a state of readiness, "because we judge the first half of May is the sales window, so to grab time in the first half of a large proportion of completed the sales task." It is worth noting that in the CITIC Real estate team, "100 billion housing companies" after the layout of the Pearl River Delta also learned that housing companies tend to increase the push volume in the first half of the year. CITIC Real Estate Group said that in 2017, leading housing enterprises could achieve the expected growth of sales scale and the core reason of the improvement is the more abundant value. The total sales value of several leading houses in 2017 increased by 52% than in 2016, ensuring the maintenance of high sales growth under expected declines. The team stressed that "the value of these enterprises in 2018 growth rate is still not bad, we can master the data, in 2018 the new push plate more than 33% growth in 2017, the total sales growth of 28%, we assume that all enterprises to the rate in 2018 than in 2017 dropped 5%, they can still achieve the overall sales of nearly 20% year-on-year growth in 2018 is expected to there will be more enterprises to 600 billion yuan or 700 billion yuan challenge." The team further said, "in 2018, the uncertainty is still large, so enterprises in pushing cargo rhythm generally in advance, unlike in previous years, the second half to push the goods 4:6 pattern, in 2018 we research enterprises generally try to catch in the first half of the year into the push plate, 5:5 or even 6:4, so from this angle leading enterprises, sales in the first half of the growth rate may be better than the second half the pavilia bay." Another industry insider said that the current concentration of the real estate market has improved rapidly, and the sales scale of 50 billion yuan has become the threshold for housing companies to cross. Otherwise, no more resources can be gathered. It will be difficult to develop in this industry. In view of this, whether it is a fancy profit, or tend to expand the scale, developers had to scale sales as required, has to adjust development strategy of some enterprises, the establishment of strategic system to marketing as a leader, to strengthen the marketing rhythm of the control force, in order to speed up the project turnover rate, accelerate inventory turnover rate, so as to enhance the sales volume growth rate.