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If refined is a kind
2015/03/18 15:03
Greeted is a bit of jasmine, pure and fresh, quietly elegant, with what to describe her, a kind of free from vulgarity temperament, is refined, elegant! Like jasmine, like her more elegant YiYun good beautiful beauty! 

Light aromatic ooze heart, accor incense setting does. Flowers for snow jie in the world of mortals, garments lotus seed descent. 

Not driven by material, not driven by material injury. This is a good words, the true meaning of life is in the exploration and constant pursuit, has a long history, to persuade people to sacrifice that be refined life. 

Sunshine between shadow gradually shallow gradually thick, fragrant fan cover surface, deep and remote flick, hands dye ink, light time, occasional breeze into the shade, in the sweet dream, intoxicating fragrance thick. 

Silent meditation, tactfully lines said, pen rhyme, like sing shallow sing, elegant heart blooms in coagulation sweet, like the stained with dew petals enchantingly beautiful scenery. So pure and fresh, intoxicating, fragrance, elegant. Silently between lines as a young woman in LAN, whispering softly in the ear side only wonderful music, filar silk dimples tranquil. 

In the world of mortals myriad gentle, indirect condensation of eyes into line after line of wen wan dark sweet words, touched, elegant rhythm, such as notes gently singing, mountain streams flowing between the flow and rhythm, play a song of wen wan and moving... 

Countless past, affects the thoughts and feelings into the memories and walked across a city, through the ups and downs, all of the sensitized transformed into all sorts of color, we should be cherished in the bottom of my heart deeply. 

As water transfer in the faint moonlight, countless affectionate and tread on the moonlight, tingting, the dance with rising and merry song in my youth. Bribing coagulation incense smoke willow breeze, mo xiang, cloud, the emotion infinite gaze. Years of aloes, precipitation in the river people grow up, has a long history, the young time, leaving only the time's aloes, echoed in the years long and elegant. 

Always quiet reading a book, write their own time. Every morning at sunset, such as time water flow at your fingertips, everything is clear, that is like the text into chapter volume, writing rings glorious chapter. 

In the depths of the soul, the fragrant flowers in the bottom of my heart quietly blooming charming colors, in full bloom a pulse scent into a graceful and restrained lines said shallow sing. Wen wan, white papers, and the light feeling, quiet dust heart, let the heart of the most beautiful flowers in the flower bloom, bright colors, delicate light show is about to drip, refined beauty quietly bloomed, and brightness. 

Likes to wear white dress in the summer, in the depths of the alley, quietly enjoy one article, read a few times, few thought, once deeply like the scroll in the gently send out elegant. Like her affectionately, occasionally QingDang smoke ethereal light sorrow, also has a little smile, cheerful and pleasing to the eye and quietly roaming between scroll of refined taste better. 

Hard to of "elegance" in mind, with the connotation, difficult in its own inherent temperament in intelligence, difficult in elegant and not common, difficult to brush in the bun. Difficult to have a dream "xanadu" dream, vent in the ink pour out all thoughts. 

The changes of the world, the ups and downs of life, deduce the story of the eternal. Merged into a web of gathering between love and hate, the situation of hot and cold, the worst and mastery of the changes in temperature, breeding a lot of worldly prejudice and humble, these prevent interfere with refined thought and motivation, is bred obtuse and depression, we sing to refined, elegant beautiful! 

If refined is a kind of wisdom, it is the great wisdom, if refined is a kind of spirit, it is tireless spirit of the dragon, if is elegant demeanour, is the "polite" manner, if refined is a kind of pure and intelligent, that is to have a naked mind, permeated with the spirit of their youth. 

Very elegant is very pure, elegant character is exploring ideal and the reality in the pursuit of a source of strength, whirling around against a gracious rhythm. 

Refined can nourish the life, the Lin biao to carry forward and embodiment of life, and how much elegant demeanour in wan yun long life can comfort life chapter of life. 

Elegant, like the wind fluttering butterfly jade, pure like a piece of glittering and translucent get rid of mei-yu, fragrant like a plant in full bloom in the heart of the blossom, superb unsurpassed perfect realm, taste her, like a mirage, is very exciting, like floating in wonderland, again like a fabulously rich residence, like nature beautiful scenery fascinating linger... 
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