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The kitten
2014/02/28 13:52

I have a lovely cat. It has a pair of big eyes, the morning is oval, and at noon is a crack, in the afternoon and became round. Moreover, in the evening, its eyes especially bright, is like a lamp in the dark. Dermes HKIts ears are small, triangular, very lovely. The cat has a small beard, I often wonder what it is doing what others, originally, it is used to measure the beard, as long as the past, his body will past. Cats have sharp claws, the soles of the feet with thick pads, go no way a little voice, no wonder it every time it can catch mice soon!

The cat likes to eat fish, each fish lost in the past, the kitten always run over to took the fish to the sunny place, Dermes價錢"hum" eat up, meant to remind others don't grab your things. The cat ate a meal, with his tongue licking the whole body from top to bottom, and then find a sunlight is very adequate, compressed into a group, sleep up.

The kitten's joy, anger, sorrow, joy is very obvious. It is happy, always around you turn around, and in your body rubbing against, or lying in your arms, to you like a baby. If it is not happy, let you how to persuade it, it will not ignore you. Sometimes, even if you take the fish to lure it, Best Hair Removal Centreit is not to eat, but still ignore you.

The kitten, human's good friends, although there are a lot of cat species, but, people still going to love them, protect them. They are a group of cute little wizard!
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