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Seems so vain
2014/01/08 14:59

Unable to remove the red dust of the dispute NuHart顯赫, have all day to make blind and disorderly conjectures is really is a pain. In this combination of red dust, I forget yourself, forget the past, but only can not forget you, you give me those beautiful memories, I do not know I should how to be strong to forget? Maybe miss is a kind of poison, once caught, they will become their own strange, but in the end, even if the pain unbearable, but it is difficult to find the courage to quit this pain. In this mundane world, perhaps all just dream, until one day I woke up, the so-called perseverance, it is but a lie deceive oneself and others, a being exaggerated gorgeous make an empty show of strength only, without him.

Life is a dream, live for hundreds of years, but also Pronto short. But it always not many frustrations to go, in this roundabout way of life NuHart顯赫植髮, I do not know who I will meet my this life the most beautiful embellishment on the way? I have been looking for, but so far no fruit. Maybe in a casual moment, look back have a look in its own way, the way may be the beauty of a stack, I linger, but, I cannot be stopped, because it is my dream, to reach the place.

In a man's world, all around are so quiet, away from the noise of the earth, from the inner rage, with a casual mood to perceive this strange and familiar world. Perhaps in a moment he suddenly found that 在NuHart顯赫植髮, once tax one's ingenuity to forget the people and things, really in their own think constantly of become forgotten. Perhaps thinking is not deep enough, read not cut it, but in the river of time, all the dedication and waiting is so superficial, quietly in the back, everything has been with the memory and sink into oblivion NuHart顯赫植髮.

Years of the knife out of my face, loss of life in constant performance, I hope in the future life, can have a calm, to put the good life decorate NuHart顯赫植髮. Let the years wind and frost dyed white I am full of tenderness, I will smile to remember not to go back to the.
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