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The Kiwi's death
2013/08/19 14:09

Barry Blayney, 76, was found dead with his arms and feet bound and mouth taped in his shop in the central American country last week.

Reports from local websites say Mr Blayney had lived in the usually peaceful community for a decade, running a small grocery store to provide basic supplies to the town's 900 residents.

His body was found by a customer who went to the store early last Wednesday morning.

A report on a local website, Village View Post, nu skin product says goods from the store were found in bushes around the village.

Three young local men have been taken into custody by police but no charges have yet been laid.

The article carries a photo of a smartly-dressed Mr Blayney posing in a cowboy-style hat and boots.

Locals appear shocked that such a violent crime could be carried out in their town nuskin group, known for its tranquillity and natural beauty.

"Be aware every morning that you may not last the day and every evening that you may not last the night," warns the writer of an article entitled `Murder in Crooked Tree Village'.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in New Zealand said it was aware of Mr Blayney's death and the NZ Embassy in Mexico was liaising with the Belize Police Department.

Consular advice and support would be extended to his next of kin nu skin hong kong, a spokeswoman said.
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