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perhaps tourism is the most direct
2018/09/24 18:17

Look, the breeze is sweeping, the grass is tiny, and there are light ripples. Jade like a quiet, layer of surface of the lake like a side, surrounded by river embankments. At that time, I was a book reader.

From the desert to Bibo, from dusk to night, from swordsmen to scattered people, stepped on the hills, and traveled through the valleys, traveling the great rivers and mountains, it seems that there is a trace to follow, but also seems to be deserted. The soul of walking still does not belong.

 the simplest and fastest way of soul relief. The novelty of the journey brings fresh life and makes the soul free and easy. I once thought that ancient exploration is the journey now. Only one is to continue without knowing the outcome; the other is to plan and calculate.

And everything will be attributed to the "walking soul".