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Tencent Science and Technology
2018/06/14 15:17

Ant Kim wears a joint venture with Changhe Hutchison to provide electronic financial services in Hongkong.

Tencent Science and Technology News (Sun Hongchao) September 26, today Ant Financial Services Group (Ant Golden Clothes) announced a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yangtze River Heji Industrial Co., Ltd. (Yangtze River Heji). According to the agreement, the Yangtze River and Hutchison will jointly operate the Hongkong version of the electronic wallet "Alipay HK" in the form of strategic partnership with the ants gold clothing. The two sides will integrate the superior resources, and strive to develop mobile payment services under the online and offline development in Hong Kong, so as to bring consumers a full range of shopping and payment experience.

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According to public information, Hutchisons core business covers ports, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications. Hutchison operates more than 600 stores in Hong Kong, provides telecommunications services to consumers, and sells food, electronics, wine and health and beauty products.

In May of this year, Alipay announced the launch of the Hongkong version of the electronic wallet, Alipay HK, which officially provides mobile payment services to Hongkong residents. Hongkongs mobile payment experience has also been fully integrated into the mainland for the first time. Ant gold clothing revealed that "Alipay HK" launched in just two weeks attracted more than 100 thousand active users. Up to now, more than 4000 well-known retail retailers in Hongkong have access to the "Alipay HK" sweep code payment service.

Alipay HK not only supports panasonic dehumidifier - Intelligent dryness monitoring system, Monitor dryness of theclothes Fan mode 3D Air flow Super Alleru-buster filter inactivat the payment service in stores, but also provides users with various services such as life and finance, such as buying insurance products. Behind Alipays ant suit, it can provide solutions beyond payment itself and more dimensions. This is also an important reason for attracting Changjiang Hutchison.

Huo Jian-ning, the co-managing director of the Changjiang Hutchison Group, said that Hutchison has a strong market network and rich business experience, combined with its expertise in Ant Golden Clothing, the enormous benefits not only benefit the telecommunications, retail and other customers of Hutchison Group, but also other commercial organizations in Hong Kong.

Chief Executive Officer of Ant Golden Clothing, Kendo Inoue, pointed out that millions of people enter and leave Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dawan every month. Ant Golden Clothing is dedicated to providing all-round e-finance services for residents in this area, making life easier for users. It is believed that in the near future, users will be able to appreciate the benefits brought by this strategic cooperation.



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