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This Blessed House----A Story about “Who Is in Charging Now?”
2009/09/03 14:13

This Blessed House----

A Story about “Who Is in Charging Now?”


Digest from “The Interpreted Maladies.”

PAO, August 31, 2009


    If Twinkle didn’t know how to mentally manipulate a man – like Sanjeev in this story – then no one knew how to do it. “Great job,” “Thorough Victory,” I like to praise Twinkle, though I feel sympathy for Sanjeev, who was losing his control on his family to his wife.

      The “battle” happened in their new house, in a time they got married for just three month and is going to have a house warming. Twinkle found a lot of effigies and sculptures for Christian on their new house and decided to keep them even exhibit them – that’s the direct cause of the event. However, they were going to have an argument no matter there was such kind of religious symbols or not, because they were at the time when a couple should and would have a lot of arguments. That is why Sanjeev cried: “he did not know if he loved her,” and he did not know if Twinkle loved him, he even “did not know what love was.” (p. 147) He found that although they have some common interesting things and similar background, but actually their living style is quiet different.

      Twinkle is an “American” though she has an Indian background, and Sanjeev is an Indian though he is also an American citizen. It sounds similar but when their guests came in, Sanjeev immediately found that he has to fight by himself – every guest were on his wife’s side. Unfortunately, it is quiet obvious that Sanjeev became a servant on his own house. He has to warm food, but that is his wife that entertained their guests. “Most of all they admired Twinkle, and ……they laughed at her anecdotes and observations, forming a widening circle around her,” (p. 152) in contrast, He “explaining for the fortieth time that he wasn’t Christian,” but nobody answered his reply, gradually he “felt knots forming at the back of his neck. He felt dizzy. He needed to lie down.”(p.155)

 It’s really too bad for him. He felt lonely and frustrated, but he could not complain. “Your wife is wow,” (p. 153) people admired Sanjeev. What Sanjeev can say to those that think every thing is perfect? What will he lose if he prefers to be honest? He will lose face and exasperate a lot of Christian. By confessing that he is not a Christian, he has try his best to preserve his identity, but nobody care. After people knew there are great “treasures” in his house, and praised him for “the blessed house,” it became even harder to counter this distorted situation. He really didn’t like to show any respect to Christ, but to disclose this thinking is another thing.

      In the end, Sanjeev said: “I put your shoes in the bedroom,” and Twinkle replied: “Thanks, but my feet are killing me.” She decided to go sleep without took a shower – that is what Sanjeev did not want to tolerate – but what can he do? “Sanjeev pressed the massive silver face to his ribs, careful not to let the feather hat slip, and followed her,” (p.157) that’s the ending. Their interaction paradigm thus been formed. He will serve her in any time and any place she like. Poor Sanjeev, at least your wife is “wow,” (like Kyle’s?) be positive!

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