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Dancing With The Stars
2013/04/16 13:37

I am very lucky to say that me and my boyfriend got to go see the taping of Dancing With The Stars today at CBS Television Studios in Hollywood. I have signed up to be a part of the audience for this show a couple of months ago. Just recently, I got a email saying that I am able to attend this memorable event.

We got to Hollywood around 12:00pm and we stood in line for about 3 hours. Boy, the weather was either hot or cold. I am just glad that it wasn't raining. We then walked our way into the another seating area, in which we had to sit for another hour. That is when I ran into Victor Ortiz (professional boxer) and Derek Hough (professional ballroom dancer), he gave me an autograph.

It was then 4:00pm, we got to go in the studio. I must say we got the good spot, where we can see almost everything!! 

I enjoyed every minute of it! It was so worth it!

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3樓. 嵐山
2013/05/03 11:55
any photos to share us?
Have you taken any pictures in the studio? Please post some pictures that I like to see, I believe Sir Norton loves too....
They wouldn't allow us to take pictures and before we went inside the studio, they took our phones. I wasn't able to take any pictures, unfortunately.  ~*Annie Oakley*~2013/05/03 14:16回覆
2樓. 嵐山
2013/04/18 23:57
oh....I like to see !!
Show me the must be fun.  I am glad that you guys having fun together.  Nokia club has shows sometimes, that I like to return again. Cheers!
1樓. Sir Norton 放逐週五夜
2013/04/17 23:02
確是 「美國時間」, 站候三小時, 坐等一個鐘, 才見著閃閃星光, Annie 很帶勁, 很可愛。
It was such an amazing experience! Very worth it, I would definitely go again! ~*Annie Oakley*~2013/04/18 11:12回覆