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Where do I see myself in the year 2014?
2012/04/30 14:22

As soon as we (me and FJ) became friends, I knew that he was the perfect one for me. He has a great sense of humor, very considerate, generous, kind-hearted. There are just too many words to describe him. I remember chanting every single day hoping that I would find my kosen-rufu partner and yes, I found him on November 27th.

A few days ago, it was our 5 months, but to me it feels like forever! It really does because we have been friends for 2 years before we got together.

During our 3rd month anniversary, we came across in talking about getting married. FJ asked me how old I would like to get married. He looked me in the eyes and I told him that I want to get married at the age of 28. He then said that would be the perfect age because that would make him 32 years old. 

We then asked one another where the wedding ceremony would be at. At the same time, we both said Ikeda Auditorium in Santa Monica; since it could seat at least 900+. I know that we must chant wholeheartedly if we want to fill up the venue with 900 people.

A couple of weeks later, we discussed how many people will be in our wedding party. Low and behold, we came up with 18 people. There is going to be 6 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, 2 ring bearers and 2 flower girls.

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2樓. 嵐山
2012/05/02 10:20
it is such a beautiful song~
I have never let this song went in vain.  I love this lyrics and inspiration from the truthful meanings.  I wish you find your true happiness!!! Good luck and efforts you devote.  You deserve it.

嵐山(Blue Mt.) 敬上
You will be invited! Once we have the date all set, you are cordially invited to our wedding :) ~*Annie Oakley*~2012/05/02 13:29回覆
2012/04/30 22:58
wedding party

That is a perfect size of your wedding party! I congrate you~

Continuely developing your common interests and relationship, you will get the level you desire.  What a good news to share!