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Thank you, Clair
2007/04/21 22:19

Hi, Clair

Thanks for everything and thanks for your gratitude and those two food towers which have been located at the doorway there. 

I believe her soul has been guided to the heaven. She will have a healthier and happier life there and she will watch over me in the heaven and give us the most sincere blessings.

I think of her a lot and I promise myself to exercise more and pay more attention toward my health condition in order to let her leave peacefully without any worries and regrets. I bought jogging shoes two days ago and have made up my mind to exercise in the early morning with a pocket book.

I will live a more meaningful life with the cheerful attitude. I promise myself to study harder and work smarter in order to realize my personal goals or my dreams. Maybe it is about time to be free to my own will and follow my heart to try something new and explore this amazing world with the curious heart.

You know, I rode my motorcycle on the road without any specific destinations this afternoon. I felt tired and exhausted after six hours lessons from 9:00 to 4:00. I didn't want to stay at home and took a rest, so after visiting and worshiping my mom, I had no special destination, but riding my motorcycle on the road and observing people passing by. Thinking of this, “If my mom were still alive with me, I would help her take a shower in the bathroom at this period of time.” I miss those good old days-- having my mom’s accompany through lots of ups and downs in life. Althogh she is gone and she would never come back, her spirits and her influences have rooted both in my brain and heart.

It is about time to let her go and free from her bothering illness.

It is about time to set her free from those tiring and unpleasant boundaries.

It is about time for her to enjoy her peaceful and cheerful life in the heaven.

Thanks for everything you have done for her and introducing her to receive the Tao.










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