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KIWC News Letter 1100923
2021/09/23 15:46
會長 敏貞 21 Sep. 2021

In October 2019, I took over as the 51st president of KIWC with a heart of fear and gratitude, further more, I tried my best to meet the expectations of the former presidents to lead KIWC to the level of internationalization, youth, diversification, and global trends. In November, we hosted a cultural collision "Thanksgiving Day and Vietnamese Culture Introduction". In December, we launched a lively and exciting Christmas party with a variety of programs and a joy for everyone.

  In February 2020, due to the severe spread of the COVID-19 epidemic internationally, the world fell into a cloud of worries. Fortunately, the people of Taiwan, because of the maintenance of the national team and front-line medical staff, we can still live a normal life. I sincerely thank the CDC of the Taiwanese government for their hard work. Taiwan held it! Every month in 2020, the program will be rich and colorful: making sachets to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in June, there are also hand-made coffee with the aroma of life taste, relaxing and happy Karaoke time, as well as vision care seminars, and everyone’s most welcome 168 health course for maintaining a beautiful and youthful figure. 2020 can be said a happy year for Taiwanese.

In May 2021, the global epidemic was raging due to the Delta virus. The people of Taiwan ignored the necessary epidemic prevention measures because of being too comfortable. The national epidemic began to raise the three-level alert since May 15, and the charity party was forced to stop. Looking back on the past two years, we all seem to be racing against the epidemic. In February of this year, we held a "Spring Dance with Japanese Cultural Exchange". In April, when the epidemic eased, we wore masks and washed our hands frequently. We also went to Chiayi for a happy outing. The pandemic has disrupted our enthusiastic plan of well-prepared monthly services, but the pandemic cannot hinder our determination to send warmth to the disadvantaged groups. The donations from all members are so touched in my heart. On behalf of the KIWC Board , I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you.

  The two-year term of the president is coming to an end. Thanks to the beautiful Board team who worked hard with me, and the caring support of the former presidents. Finally, I wish the KIWC keep going prosperous, and my sisters stay healthy and happy.


Chairman Kao 21 Sep. 2021

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