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passing our love to Paraiso
2021/05/28 17:31



    5月已將近月底,這個月因為新冠疫情提升到第3級警戒, 社團所有的文化課程: 如花藝,美術,料理,洋裁班都停課, 日文課程也有部分受到影響.在這樣的情況下,導致社團整體的營運處於嚴峻的狀態. 雖然有討論是否要向政府申請補助, 但於去電查詢後得知目前無公告, 還要等一段時間. 基於這樣的狀況, 在此拜託各位學員以線上參與繼續學習以及請盡量不要延遲繳費.基於社團屬於非營利組織,沒有營運存款,因此只能從目前在職人員的薪資來填補. 今後如果這樣的狀況再持續幾個月的話,也會造成無法支付社團教室房租以及維持費. 再次拜託,請各位學員盡量繼續學習以及準時繳費. 新開設的網課班級也持續接受報名. 麻煩大家將社團的FB與課程訊息分享給您身邊對各項學習有興趣的親友. 敬請協助, 感恩.

*就是明天晚上9點 ! 線上直播開始囉 ! *




將會使用webex的視訊軟體直播,請點下方連結參加喔 !

下禮拜二6/1的直播也即將開始囉 !



高雄市台日文教促進會 全體人員


Hello everyone

    Near the end of May, this month due to the Covid-19 Level 3 Alert , all cultural courses of the club: such as flower art, art, cooking, and western tailoring classes have been suspended, and Japanese courses have also been partially affected. In this case, it has caused The overall operation of the club is in a severe state. Although there is a discussion about whether to apply for subsidies from the government, I found out that there is no announcement yet, and I have to wait for a while. Based on this situation, I ask all students to participate online Continue to learn and please try not to delay payment. Because the club is a non-profit organization and has no operating deposits, it can only be covered from the salary of the current employees. If this situation continues for a few months in the future, it will also cause the club to be unable to pay the rent and maintenance fee. Thank you for your consideration and try your best to continue to study and pay on time. Newly opened online classes are also continuing to accept registration. Please share the club’s FB and course information with who are interested in learning Relatives and friends. Thank you for your helping and support.

Kaohsiung City Taiwan-Japanese Culture and Education Promotion Association, all staff of Paraiso

Sincerely yours

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