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novel reading assistance
2020/11/01 06:39

(1.)Course Hero 

(2.)Girls, I found a good software in our Mobil phone when you want to read all of our books from Clive, before I felt inconvenient when I only can read books in my notebook, , not Mobil phone, especially I will have a  trip to Taipei, I have to bring the heavy notebook with me, now I tell you a very easy function to download all our material from google drive to our mobile phone.(from Florence)

1. Download the software “ Adobe acrobat Reader from App Store 
2. Open your Wi-fi, and go to find the book club material in our google drive
3. Just wait for 20 minutes, all our books will be downloaded in your Mobil phone.
4. (from Clive)Just click one book you want to read, then you will be very happy to see the contents of your book.
(3)Hi ladies, here is the link to the google drive with all the books for next yearYou should be able to go in there and find ALL of the books for next year.  If you have any problems opening the books or even reading them please download this program (its safe and super useful)

Sumatr Pdf download:

book material: 

the age of innocence:  

book material:

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