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2017/02/09 07:45



全額貸款“We do not have another 30 years to waste. The government has to lead the nation firmly in redeveloping our defense industry, which I believe is the 小額借款利率比較best way to pay tribute to general Hua,” she said.

The XT-5s — to be equipped with advanced simulation training systems — are to replace the air force’s ag青年安心成家購屋貸款ing AT3 trainers and F-5 jets.

“The new trainer jet is just a starting point. We 信貸利率怎麼算have a complete development roadmap to support the信用卡整合代償銀行 air force’s needs,”信用不好如何借錢 Ma said.

Paying tribute to general Mike Hua (華錫鈞), who was known as the “father of the Indigenous Defense Fighter [IDF] jet” and 小額借貸快速撥款who died on Jan. 24, Tsai said the program is an effort to continue his legacy.

The first trial flight is to be conducted in 2020 and the whole fleet is to be delivered to the air force in 2026, 小額信貸試算the institute said.

“Today is a major milestone in [building] self-sufficiency in defense,” Tsai said.

缺錢怎麼辦支票借款是什麼The Ministry of National Defense (MND) yesterday launched a program to build supersonic trainer aircraft, marking the first step toward resuming domestic production of military aircraft — which has been on hold for th支票借款利息ree decades.

新聞來源:信用貸款好嗎TAIPEI TIMES

新車全額貸條件小額借款高雄“Since the IDF, little progress has been made in the development of domestically produced aircraft for nearly 30 years, with Ta小額貸款五萬iwan’s aerospace industry facing severe challenges from other countries in the region and a shortage of talent,” Tsai said.

The信貸利率試算 nation has the capability to design and build the trainer jet, despite the amount of time that has elapsed since the IDF and the AT3 were developed, institute vice president Ma Wan-chun (馬萬鈞) said.

Tsai announced two goals for the nation’s defense development: cultivating and retai債務協商機制ning talent, and connecting the aerospace industry with other sectors to make it a key driver of the economy.

Due to the limited potential for people to progress in the industry in Taiwan, the aerospace industry has seen much of its best talent poached by other信貸利率最低 nations — while many of those who remained in Taiwan are nearing retirement age, Tsai said.

A decline in the industry’s innovative capacity would be a “great disaster for national security and industrial development,” Tsai said.線上申請貸款

The goal of the Blue Magpie program is to rebuild the nation’s talent pool, Tsai said.

Nearly 200 of the institute債務整合協商’s about 900 employees were hired after her administration took office last year, she said.

The development of the defense industry should benefit the economy, with all defense projects acting as drivers for growth in the private sector to maximize the effect of defense spending, she said, adding that an interdependent ecosystem of the aerospace, machinery and electrical engineering industries has been formed in Taichung.


新車車貸利率多少By Chen Wei債務整合公司信用不良如何借錢-信用貸款利率試算han / Staff reporter

Asked whether Taiwan is capable of building the next-generation stealth aircra信用不良如何借貸ft announced at the end of last month by Minister of National Defense Feng Shih-kuan (馮世寬), Ma said the inst青創貸款代辦itute has not yet completed the design of the aircraft.

However, the announcement was not “daydreaming,” and Taiwan, with its research capability, does not have to develop the technology needed from scratch, he said.

In a contract-signing ceremony in Taichung presided over by President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), the ministry commissioned the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology to develop 66 XT-5 “Blue Magpie” trainers, and a memorandum was inked between 信用貸款利率最低the institute and the Aerospace Industrial Development Corp (漢翔航空) to design and build the aircraft.

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