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DPP Legislator Wang Ding-yu (王定宇) said the process of military cooperation with allies in the region began late last year when Taiwan, Japan and the US communicated military aircraft identifier signal information with each other, adding that Japan代辦信貸公司 included contingencies for a possible conflict in the Taiwan Strait among recent training activities.民間2胎房貸

The US can direct all of its allies in the field to coordinate op汽車貸款率利計算公式試算erations, the officer said.

The officer said that while the 台中民間借貸systems’ main components are to be acquired from the 公教貸款華南銀行US, communications and photoelectric components would be produced by domestic manufacturers.

信用貸款比較2017青年創業貸款上課中國信託信貸部The systems are already in use by NATO members and the US’ other allies in the Pacific, the officer said, adding that information can be shared among all allies during combat operations should the 買車分期付款need arise.

Outcomes in modern military conflicts are decided within seconds, Wang said, adding that the systems would dramatically 台中青年創業貸款條件車貸試算程式improve the military’s reaction各銀行車貸利率比較 time and allow for rapid coordination of movements.私人貸款比較2017

The officer, who declined to be named, said the deal secured the purchase of upgraded Link-16 and Link-11 systems, which would connect the Republic of China (ROC) Navy directly to the command center for the US’ Pacific fl票貼是什麼eet.

The system will 跟銀行借錢give the ROC Navy the ability to share coordinates and other in桃園小額借貸f支票借貸台新整合負債o台南民間借款rmation with the US Seventh Fleet during combat operations, the officer said, adding that the move ties the two navies closer together.

The officer said some of the ROC Navy’s ships would use the Link-16 system, which will connect those ships to other vessels, land-based radar systems貸款代辦公司 and other military installations.

A deal to purchase an upgraded naval vessel communications system worth NT$2.15 billion (US$68.18 million) has been finalized with the US government, a high-ranking Taiwanese military officer said台北代書借款渣打銀行貸款條件 yesterday.

Kidd-class destroyers, Cheng Kung-class frigates, Lafayette-class frigates and Knox-class frigates would all use the Link-16 system, the officer said, adding that missile-equipped patrol ships and support vessels would use the Link-11 system, which only connects with other vessels.

The officer said the deal was rushed through with coordination between the American Institute in Taiwan and military representatives stationed in the US, adding that shipment and installation of the systems are expected to be completed by June 2021.

By Luo合法民間貸款 Tien-pin and William Hetherington / Staff reporter, with staff writer

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Lo Chih-各家銀行中古車貸利率卡債協商專線汽車借款pttc二手車貸款條件heng (羅致政) said that control over information is at the heart of armed conflict.

An effective means to銀行車貸ptt tran債務整合協商s聯邦銀行信用貸款mit information is fundamental to military strategy, Lo said, adding that the procurement of the Link-16 and Link-11 systems would greatly benefit the nation’s military.


SPLIT-SECOND: Outcomes in modern military conflicts are decided within seconds and the new systems would improve reaction times, the DPP’s Wang Ding-yu said

Additional reporting by Aa原住民結婚貸款整合負債條件>勞工貸款條件ron Tu

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