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2014 Nana's quotes ~ You win again~
2014/12/31 14:12


2014的最後一天, 簡單列了7項工作上 Accomplishments worth celebrating in 2014... 只有一兩項風花雪月Marketing supports upgrades的可以taking credit..其他..sharpened focus on current issues and trends. Provide insight to nylon industry dynamics Acting as Biz analysis role, respond to multiple requests from top managements. as to produce analyses that help inform discussion … 這種的nina 聰明才智是看不到的..credit當然是長官英明了...(DELITED in JULY 2015)

也終於要跟這本muji 寫的破爛筆記本說再見了.我是公私不分的人. 公的私的都寫在這本.



但留下這些在 UDN blog吧..


  1. Feel much energy to do everything (獎勵自己美好身形的一句話)
  2. Do the most important thin first
  3. Be passionate knowledgeable about fabric
  4. 正面愉悅能量之專業形象於同業
  5. Doing things smarter ways without thinking about it, real time sense of wise thing to do
  6. 如果一切都是無,我還要在乎什麼
  7. 沒有對錯,只有倫理,勿評斷他人。
  8. 靈魂交織soul connection
  9. You are inspired by other doing great work because it make the world a better place to be.

10. Be practical with intelligence and apply it wisely.

11. Trigger pleasure hormones into your body.

12. 面對客戶之女友人,都有值得學習之處。

13. 別人的成功,是你的靈感。

14. 女人要保有天真與熱情

15. 好運來自一客觀的觀察力, 二心中直覺三資訊交流。洞察需求,革新思想,真心服務他人,幸運之神眷顧。

16. 說好的幸福不是幸福,自我及自足才能,深刻體會逆境期間所增長的力量。幸福之無常。回到自我原則,無論外在環境變化。外在給妳的幸福是脆弱,不堪一擊的,只有自己,回到原我。

17. Smile blesses on receiving end as well, without saying a word, it can tell others that you like them. A smile can hug someone with love.

18. Feel Alive, Contentment, free to love

19. That happy, leading an honest life, no matter what life’s like beside.

20. A) Write b) learn c) Talk in your field

21. Do my best to do something loving for myself, it motivates you to take better care of yourself.

22. Go after your dreams, and not let people treat you poorly.

23. Go out there and do what you want to do ..approval will follow initative.

24. 幸福不必等人給,用手作創造幸福,讓生命充滿能量。

25. Always act as if you are in total control. Never allow you to whine or complain or criticize. And focus only on impressing yourself. Count your blessings.

26. 勇敢愛自己,愛好自由,活潑的自己。

27. 若不能對你分享真實感受,我心會遠離。

28. There's no fight you can't win again





ps,2014 要倒數...整理沒看的"紡織趨勢"雜誌, 才發現這...