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I would choose to get ms again if I were to reborn.
2011/05/17 06:19
Multiple sclerosis, usually known as ms, is an autoimmune disease wich attacks the myelin of central nervous system. It can cause a variety of clinical symptoms and may eventually lead to disability.
Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with this rare disorder and it has been nine years till now. However, I think there are many times of benifits more
than the disadvantages that I receive from ms .By taking interferon Beta 1a  three times a week, my personality changes completely. I dare not talk in front of the public when I was little, much less making and oral presantation . But now, I become more outgoing and can express myself easily. Besides, owing to ms, I can experience a different life.
Therefore, if I were to reborn, I would still choose to get ms.

Thanks God, I got ms.
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