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Yemen vacation
2010/12/03 06:40

Dear my all friends

Today(3 Dec 2010) I will leave for Yemen vacation, we will stay in Yemen 24 days. This is the 2nd time I visit this country,  the first time is in 2005, just 5 years ago we have been Djibouti, Eritrea, Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia.

the pictures were taken in Yemen 2005

We'll take plane to Hong Kong at 4:30pm, then transfer to Yemen at night , I'll be back on 28 Dec, good bye my all friends. 

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2樓. ti (人回來了 )
2011/01/01 13:11
welcome home

Dear girl,

Are you already back home.

Hope you have enjoyed your Yemen vacation. See you soon 

Wish you a Happy New Year

Thank you for your blessing

I came back on 28 Dec last week

the Yemen vacation is a marvelous journey

I have showed photos in Gemini's blog to share all friends

Bled2011/01/03 11:39回覆
2011/01/01 10:45
Have a nice trip !
Have a nice trip !

Thank you

I came back last week

the Yemen vacation is a wonderful journey

we had  a good time during our vacation

Bled2011/01/03 11:38回覆