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2009/06/05 13:21

Two months ago (19 February 2006), when I arrived in Auckland, I lived with a foreigner family. That was a marvelous experience, I learned how to interact with my homestay family.

On the first week at the homestay, I worked hard to accommodate to my new living style, so I felt uncomfortable and nervous, especially about everyday meals. The portions were small, so I was hungry always.

Everyday, when I had finished school, I helped my homestay mother prepare dinner, and learned how to set the table or wash the dishes.

In the weekend, we went to church or shopping. Sometimes, I would ask my homestay mother to let me cook my favorite food and share it with everybody.

After dinner, they would drive their car to take me hiking on the hill. To show my appreciation for their kindness, I would invite them to have lunch with me, or buy some small gift for them. So we had all good memories from the past two months.

For all students who live in a homestay, the main purpose is to practice conversation with foreigners, so you must take any chance to practice speaking English and they will correct your mistakes in the conversation. That's a very important point of studying Englsih.

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