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高雄民間代書貸款 率利免費試算和個人信用小額借貸
2017/03/05 04:16



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) yesterday confirmed that relatives have lost touch with a young Taiwanese woman who went to South Korea last month, while Taiwan’s representative office in Seoul is working with local police t嘉義房貸銀行o find her.

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The minis高雄借錢網try said it has not been contacted by the family of the second woman mentioned in the report and her family has not filed a police report.

The mi各銀行信用貸款利率比較nistry passed on the information to its Seoul office, which sought the assistance of the South Korean police, it said.

However, the police have so far been unable to locate the woman, the ministry said, adding that officials remain in close contact with South Korean police.

LOST ON ARRIVAL: The woman, surnamed Chiang, has been out of contact si個人小額借款nce her arrival in South Korea in the middle of last month, the ministry said

Th卡債協商後多久恢復信用e高雄借錢管道卡債處理合法民間借貸>高雄市青年創業貸款率條件個人信貸資料庫急需錢怎麼辦 woman, surnamed Chiang (江), arrived in South Korea on Feb. 14 and has not been in contact with her mother since then, the ministry sa急需現金救急急需現金5萬急需一筆錢id.


The ministry’s comments came after local media reported earlier in the day that two young Taiwanese women have been missing in South Korea since the middle of last month.

The mother of one of the girls said her daughter called her upon arriving in South Korea, but had failed to do so since then, reports said.各家銀行中古車貸利率

The Chinese-lan急需現金1萬guage Apple Daily reported that the mother said her daughter went to South Korea with 高雄市貸款代辦公司another Taiwanese woman to attend a study program for three months.

The mother said she became worried when she could not reach her daughter, especially as she always has her cellphone with her, the paper reported.

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The mother filed a report with Taoyuan police on Feb. 25 and the case was transferred to the ministry, it said.