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Lizhong Chen was awakened
2016/03/17 17:27

At that time, the author of three snake is big night sleep sleep in the room. , to his own Chen Lizhong dream of impromptu randomly draw a snake HKUE amec, is nothing more than to his own hand the zongzi, never expected inadvertently offended the working group.

by a rapid knock on the door, hurriedly get up to open the door. Standing in the doorway was none other than working group of a group of leaders. Leaders face is very ugly, and serious to inform Chen Lizhong, quickly wear good clothes, to the office for questioning.

"Why are you so malicious attacks our working group leadership?"

"For fun, I don't mean that."

Team leader said: "you don't have this meaning, why all the pitting my face painted HKUE amec?"

"I don't have a picture of your face, I draw is the snake, the snake is not painted on pitting, is the snake's scales."

Chen Lizhong do you doing bad good, clear facts, do you still want to denial."

"Since you group leader is so disorderly speak, I have what way, all as you like." Chen Lizhong said helplessly.

Chen Lizhong at this time, it is covered in full mouth, also hard to say clearly. I'm afraid HKUE amec.
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