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Academic norms of university teaching
2018/01/09 16:45

Listening to each other means that university teachers listen to the lectures of other teachers, so as to share different professional knowledge and experiences, learn from each other and improve together so as to promote the teaching quality and quality of the university and promote the academic construction of university teaching. Such university lectures by teachers as the academic norms and the basic system of university teaching, should become an obligation of university teachers to become a university teacher's professional requirements, a working rules and regulations wine course in hk.

This kind of inter-lecturing academic norms, as an educational culture and ethos, has long been a tradition of Chinese culture. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, a famous thinker, put forward the idea of ​​"shamelessly shamelessly" in the article "Teacher Talk". He attacked the scholar-doctor's family ashamed of being a teacher, and advocated the spirit of being a teacher. He said: "The ancient sage, who is far away from the teacher, Is also far from men, and ashamed to learn, so is the holy benevolence, stupid benevolence .Sage is holy, stupid reason is stupid, which are out of this? Love their son, choose the teacher and teach it; in its Body also, shame teacher Yan, puzzled. "(The ancient sage, he is far beyond all others, still worship other people as a teacher, to ask people; now the average person, they are far less than saints, but ashamed to learn from the teacher. Therefore, the saint more intelligent, fool more stupid, probably for this reason? Because of love for their children, choose the teacher to educate them, but their own, but to be ashamed teachers, it is really confused!) He also Criticism of some of the scholar-officials at the time: "The family of the doctor, said Master said disciples cloud, then the crowd and smile. Asked, then said: 'He is similar to those years, Tao similar also.' , Guan Sheng is near 谀. Alas! Teachers know no longer carry. "( When a doctor or a doctor encounters a teacher or disciple, he joins them in laughing at them and asks them why: "The two men are similar in age and have similar Taoism." Learning from the humble man I feel shame, to learn from high officials who feel almost flattery. Hey, the reason why teachers can not be restored is the reason ah!). In fact, Han Yu these discourses and criticisms, even if it is today, nor outdated. Although today's social parents are not unprecedented in their investment in and expectations of children's education, the situation of mutual learning between people is really incomprehensible. Although the name of the "teacher" is now flying all over the world, the relationship between "master and apprentice" has also become a fashion. However, these have, to a certain extent, reduced itself to some kind of construction of social capital or social relations and have lost "shamelessness and shamelessness" The real meaning. In the university campus, the teacher and the teacher, there is a "never life" phenomenon. Some are in a department, in addition to some of the regular activities of the school departments, each other is also rare to meet. Some people are busy with their own research, others are their own way, there are people who are more than one thing less, and so on. Even schools and faculties that deliberately set up a certain "salon" or "club" to increase exchanges between teachers are not doing well. As for the inter-teaching between teachers, I am afraid it is rare. To be realistic, in addition to being able to have one or two lectures each year as a school leader, these few years can seldom serve as a learner or a colleague to take the initiative to listen to different teachers' lessons Dr protalk.

The prevalence of the above phenomena does not really underline the "ancestors of the ancestors" of academics and universities. It also makes it difficult for our teachers under our Fountain of Nine and the teachers of our teachers to make ends meet. Because this kind of inter-teaching culture and practice is actually an excellent academic tradition in China's academia and universities. In this respect, many academic forerunners set a very good example for us. Take Tsinghua University as an example. During the Sinology Institute, Professor Wu Yong respected all the teachers in the institute. He is very happy to work with masters of all kinds who have the expertise to see it as a good opportunity for them to learn and improve. Mr. Wang Guowei opened the "language learning" course, he must listen to almost every lesson, not only listen carefully, remember in detail, and sometimes as a comment. Moreover, he often listens to Mr. Chen Yinke lectures, that Chen Yin-Ke lectures "the word fine gold jade." Well-known historian Professor Zhou Yiliang, historian Qin Gan historian Professor Yu Xun, historian Professor Laogan also often listen to Mr. Chen Yinque lectures. Not only professors listen to master's class, many academic masters also listen to each other. For example, on November 6, 1942, Mr. Wen Yiduo made a speech on "Fu Xi's Legend." Mr. Zhu Zizhi, together with many listeners, came under the rain and heard the report of Mr. Wen. In the then Southwest United Nations General Assembly, this kind of inter-teaching can be said to have become common practice. According to the experts' recollections, Mr. Wen Yiduo, together with the famous logician and philosopher Shen Youding, both share the Book of Changes classics and often observe each other. To open a course together to form a free choice means to broaden our horizons and mean academic dialogue. According to historical records, once, the famous philosopher Tang Yutong in lectures, Mr. Feng Youlan also every day, to attend. What deserves special praise is that this inter-teaching not only takes place in the same or similar subject areas, but also among professors in different disciplines. For example, the famous physicist Mr. Wang Zhuxi together with Mr. Shen Youding, actually ran into the Department of Chinese at a time of plane bombing in Japan and listened to ancient philology by Mr. Tang Lian, an ancient philosopher. Visible professors at the time of the mutual masters of the atmosphere. In fact, this phenomenon of inter-teaching between university teachers is not only the story of Tsinghua University or the Southwest United University, it is also a universal scenario in many university history and a university culture,The new PolyU e Admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.