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because too many people
2015/08/27 09:25

In life, I am a no sense of crisis, don't worry about tomorrow today. Earn a dollar there're two pieces, to go through life reenex . I generally don't care, also feel no big deal. Well, life is laugh others, let others to smile.

In my heart, there has been a very vulgar word: growth, it must be and reality of compromise. Don't say it's tacky,  and I speak the truth, they told me: the need for compromise, unavoidable. I admit that it is justified. But I don't want to be told. I like to slowly along the way, then think this sentence is not tacky, but the truth.

Once had a friend, when make a phone call to me complain about life more tired many painstakingly reenex , I want to say to him is the pursuit of life is not easy, but I still smile did not say exports. Now this society, bitter and tired has become a measure of the success of a person, how do I bear to deprive him of his enjoy the joy of success?

We all efforts in his own way of life, may make sense, may be meaningless, which is a kind of reenex , I think, therefore I am. 10, 20, 50 years old... Different environment and mood, knowing it will change. No good who bad, this is growing up. Best are into line, however, you can see through one another.
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