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a6/53: My relative
2015/06/23 05:51

My relative was my worst enemy.

Worst enemy

     Some time ago, our conversation topic was,"What have you been very angry about?"
This was what I have been feeling recently. I told my teacher Sue Ann about a sad event. I had been the co-owner of an engineering company with my two older brothers from an young age in Taiwan. I had been greatly involved in this engineering business for 60 years.

     One day, my oldest brother died in his house while I was in America(2014). My brother's son bought the company and office. He took out all of the company's money from the bank immediately. He became rich in an illegal way.

     So I have been angry for more than a year. Teacher Fu and Mei also understood this sad event. I lost my share of 200 million dollars. This sad event worries me.

     Sue Ann said, "Anger will hunt your body, Don't think about it, Let it be! Many blessing, good health will be yours."

     I deeply appreciated the words and kidness of teacher Sue Ann, Fu, and Mei.

     I realize that my evil feelings about my relative was my worst enemy.
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