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【書摘】在少女們身旁—與少女們的情誼 (Friendship with Girls) 16-1
2016/08/08 05:37
【書摘】在少女們身旁與少女們的情誼 (Friendship with Girls) 16-1
Il en était d’Albertine comme de ses amies. Certains jours, mince, le teint gris, l’air maussade, une transparence violette descendant obliquement au fond de ses yeux comme il arrive quelquefois pour la mer, elle semblait éprouver une tristesse d’exilée. D’autres jours, sa figure plus lisse engluait les désirs à sa surface vernie et les empêchait d’aller au delà ; à moins que je ne la visse tout à coup de côté, car ses joues mates comme une blanche cire à la surface étaient roses par transparence, ce qui donnait tellement envie de les embrasser, d’atteindre ce teint différent qui se dérobait.
(l’édition Gallimard, Paris, 1946-47)

(p.568 追憶似水年華 II 在少女們身旁 聯經版 1992)

(p.340 追尋逝去的時光 II 在少女花影下 第二部 上海譯文版 周克希譯 2004)

So it was with Albertine as with her friends. On certain days, slim, with grey cheeks, a sullen air, a violet transparency falling obliquely from her such as we notice sometimes on the sea, she seemed to be feeling the sorrows of exile. On other days her face, more sleek, caught and glued my desires to its varnished surface and prevented them from going any farther; unless I caught a sudden glimpse of her from the side, for her dull cheeks, like white wax on the surface, were visibly pink beneath, which made me anxious to kiss them, to reach that different tint which thus avoided my touch.
(Translated by C. K. Scott Moncrieff)

In such things, Albertine’s face was no different from her girlfriends’. There were days when she was thin, with a dull complexion and a sullen look, with a dark-violet zone, oblique and transparent, somewhere in her eyes, such as can be seen at times in the sea, and seemingly oppressed by all the sorrows of an outcast. On other days, her face was smoother and it beguiled my desires, keeping them engrossed in its glossy surface, and preventing them from going beyond it, unless a quick sidelong glimpse of her, with an inner pink glowing through her cheeks, which were as matte white as wax on the sur1ce, made me long to kiss them and get at that inaccessible inner tint of her.
(Translated by James Grieve)