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【Paintings in Proust】 The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, El Greco
2014/05/17 07:46

Paintings in Proust The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, El Greco, 1586—88 (p.299)


And squadron after squadron, each pilot, as he soared thus above the town, itself now transported into the sky, resembled indeed a Valkyrie. Meanwhile on ground-level, at the height of the houses, there were also scraps of illumination, and I told Saint-Loup that, if he had been at hone the previous evening, he might, while contemplating the apocalypse in the sky, at the same time have watched on the ground (as in El Greco’s Burial of count of Orgaz, in which the two planes are distinct and parallel) a first-rate farce acted by characters in night attire, whose famous names merited a report to some successor of that Ferrari whose society paragraphs had so often provided amusement to the two of us, Saint-Loup and myself, that we used also to amuse ourselves by inventing imaginary ones. And that is what we did once more on the day I am describing, just as though we were not in the middle of a war, although our theme, the fear of the Zeppelins, was very much a ‘war’ one: ‘Seen about town: the Duchesse de Guermantes magnificent in a nightdress, the Duc de Guermantes indescribable in pink pyjamas and a bathrobe, etc.’ (Time Regained)

(p.75~76 追憶似水年華 VII 重現的時光 聯經版 1992)