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2021/11/07 09:20

Qiu, the "minister of defense", contributed to Washington Post the other day, shouting that "Taiwan won’t capitulate to China" when the war breaks out across the strait.  Whom was he trying to fool, nobody but himself?

As I have said many times before, if those DPP big shots like Cai, Lai, Su, Wu, Qiu, and so on, would go to the temples of Mazu or Guangong and swear a solemn oath that they will never flee to the U.S. or Jap via AIT and US carriers when that day comes, then we ordinary people of Taiwan could believe them.  (BTW, they had better cut chicken heads off in front of superstitious islanders to show their resolution!)

Dear islanders, lay down your weapon before or after a conflict taking place to seek the peace; that will be your best choice.

FYI, please also refer to a report from News Week of today, as attached below:

China State Media: Military Showdown Will Come if Taiwan, U.S. Dont Change Course (

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