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2021/10/18 10:29

Reports said a raging fire took place in a dilapidated building of Kaohsiung the other day and caused a death toll of 46 victims, including three Mainland women spouses, whom were yet to be claimed by their bereaved families, if any.  All of the media call them "陸配".  

The term seems sort of discriminative to me.  I hate to see this kind of usage referred to those female spouses from China Mainland in Taiwan, as much as I hate to see the other one addressed to a kind of lettuce, 大陸妹。

But the substantial discrimination toward the spouses from Mainland is much worse than the appellations only.  They must take longer time to get the same rights in politics, employment, or basic ID as other immigrants do.  Dear islanders, you are lousy hypocrites, but you can rest assured that Mainlanders will not take revenge on you when that day comes.   

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