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2021/10/06 14:47

A whopping sortie of 56 PLA warplanes flew over southwestern perimeter of the so-called Taiwan ADIZ into South China Sea again yesterday.  I have not paid much attention toward that ADIZ before, but this time I noticed from reports and found the sphere of the "ADIZ" cover whole Fujian Province, a part of Jiangxi and Zhejiang as well.  Ironically, if Cai administration claims that Taiwan does not have political, even ethnic, ties with Mainland, why does it set such a fictious line covering Mainland?

The record-breaking number of the fleet that PLA dispatched was a response to the related comments that U.S. made one day earlier, and a warning to the joint drill now is under way nearing Philippines Sea and South China Sea by the U.S. and its allies.  It was only a spin-off, salutary warning to the secessionists in Taiwan. 

Hence, there is no reason for Wonky Cai to condemn PRC that the frequent PLA jets will do a harm to regional "democracy".  The clownish remarks she made is so funny as that "ADIZ".       

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