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2021/09/26 12:22

Ms Meng Wanzhou was released and returned to China Mainland in a chartered flight yesterday after having been detained in Canada for over 1000 days.  During the illegal detention, she was ordered to wear an electronic shackles on one of her feet, and cut any communication with people of China, including her father, Mr. Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei.  

Last month, when I read a piece of news that China ambassador to Canada finally made a phone with Ms. Meng, I knew thing will be changed.  Then after several futile phone calls made by U.S. top ranking officials, who were seeking help from China, President Biden at last called President Xi in person the other day, I realized Ms. Meng would soon be released.  

The extradition case that are full of political intrigues against Ms. Meng might have worked, if China was like Taiwan, Japan, or even the same Caucasian countries like France or Germany.  But China is an economic and military powerhouse now, and U.S. is just unable to use the lame excuse like "national security" to oppress Huawei any more, for America itself has a lot of intractable things that are in need of the support from China to help it out.  That is why the extradition eventually becomes a farse.

PS One of the best comments regarding the whole game is the one from Xinhua International: She was arrested because of a rising CHINA.  So was her release! 

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