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切香腸戰術? 我也會.
2021/02/28 16:26

DPP had been always good at using the tactic of salami slicing to gradually seize the power from KMT in Taiwan.  Now it trundled out the same old trick on China Mainland, little by little, trying to reach its unattainable goal but to serve as an effective means to swindle stupid islanders out of their votes---Taidu. 

Is salami tactic hard to do?  Not exactly.  It is simply kind of like caterpillar bites, a small bite after another.  Taidu is an impossible dream, not so the island economy dying of suffocation.  Now Mainland imposed a ban on the pineapples imported from Taiwan, and most likely some time later the ban will be applicable to other Taiwan agricultural items, and other products, too.  You have to get to this: Mainland absorbs 47% of Taiwan exports annually, which counts only 8% of her total imports.  No other place in the world will pamper Taiwan like this. 

Is the "sanction" hard to avoid?  Again, not exactly.  But how to begin with?  Just stop calling COVID-19 as Wuhan Pneumonia, and start to say China Mainland, instead of an alienated China.  See, simple as that. 

PS  No sooner had the ban announced than China Mainland started to promote her own pineapples.  Please see the report as attached below:



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