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小醜都不足形容那些名嘴, 他們是:
2021/02/25 15:58

Up to date, there have been 50 countries in the world who approved and accepted COVID-19 vaccine(s) produced by China, and, unlike other vaccine(s) available in market, there have been NOT A SINGLE death report in relation to inoculating China vaccine(s). 

But those "pundits" in DPP-friendly TV stations are still flinging mud at China vaccine(s).  Now they focused upon the efficacy of the vaccine(s) which showed just over 50% protection against the virus in some country.  I am not quite familiar with those scientific data, but the outcome of vaccination may be varied in different area and inhabitant, and the efficacy of China vaccine(s) are generally recognized as high as over 70% pretection, that is for sure.  In any event, any vaccine from China Mainland is much better than NOTHING, which is the embarrassing word to describe the current situation now in Taiwan.

No wonder the former chief of staff of New York Times called the genre of those "pundits" as intellectual prostitutes.    

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