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2021/02/17 15:58

These days my LINE were inundated with the photos of cherry blossom. It seemed people in Taiwan had nothing to do during Spring Festival but rushed to see that "beautiful" but fleeting flowering. 

In the Lunar New Year, Bishanyen(碧山巖) in my neighborhood has always been a mecca for believers to do that superstitious "安太歲"; but this year, it became a place of attraction for visitors to see cherry blossoms.  These holidays the electronic traffic boards en route all the way to the temple were all showing "no parking lots available now, please use public transpotation".  Then how about the "public transportation"?  Yesterday I found a queue of passengers, as long as nearly 100 meters. at a stop waiting for the only medium-sized bus serving the transportation to the temple.  I wondered how many buses could accomodate so many "tourists"?  Oh my goodness!

Why are people of Taiwan so crazy about cherry blossom?  Just because of its short-lived beauty?  I have no idea.  Maybe I am a little paranoid, but to some extent I believe it is one of the relics left behind from Jap occupation.  So, I think the worship of cherry blossom must have something to do with a kind of morbid and pathetic sense of nostalgia.  Poor islanders!         

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