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2021/01/18 22:48

Joe Biden is going to bolster a stimulus plan to make America "United" again by giving away two trillion dollars, in the wake of the same plan that Donald Trump made earlier last year .  But where does such a myriad of money come from?  Well, just leave it to the US mint.

People may ask arent US government afraid of inflation at home?  Not at all, at least not so far.  Because US dollar is the major "international" currency, and America could easily "export" the inflation to the rest of the world and let others to suffer the loss out of dollar devaluation. 

When the over-issued green backs are deluging, they will soon become the so-called "hot" money roving around the various stock markets to seek it prey.  It can gain loots without much ado from either a bull market through rising stock prices or from a bear market through "legal" mergers and acquisitions.  It is a perfect process of "fleecing".  But how could US Dollar run roughshod over other countriess all the time with the junk green back not worth the paper it is printed on?  Obviously, it relies mainly on its bombers, carriers, and media.  

Dear Mainlanders, be wary of the call of "opening up a free financial market" from the US and those "public intellectuals".  Exert your almighty purchasing power and manufacturing capability to urge other trade partners use RMB in exchange as possible as you can. Needless to say, try hard to emulate or surpass American military power in a short time with smart ways.     

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