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2021/01/15 15:21

In recent days the president of Indonesia and the minister of heath of Turkey received the inoculation of the vaccine made in China one after another, and televised the process of injections live, nationwide.

It seems the inoculation has become a part of international politics for big countries to sway their sphere of influence.  Either Indonesia or Turkey is a Muslim country, so are some middle-east countries who have already admitted pharse-three clinic test of the vaccines from China on their people.  Other developing countries like Brazil, the Philippines, and those of Africa incline to adopt the vaccine(s) made in China.  For European countries, they are now open to any available vaccines, no matter they come from China, Russia, or Pfizer and Moderna.

But "Five-eyes alliance" and its servants like Japan, South Korea, and China Taiwan all stick to adopting the vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna.  Because those big brothers are running on the vaccines like hell, the poor islanders in Taiwan have to wait for the possible inoculation as early as coming March.

PS According to a piece of latest news, 23 Nowegian patients over 80 years old died after receiving the injection of Pfizer vaccine.  Oh my goodness!