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2021/01/04 13:15

Sinopharm of China Mainland announced the other day that their approved anti-COVID vaccine has 79.34% protection effect after inoculation.  By contrast, the effect seems lower than other two western products which boast of over 90% in efficacy. 

Maybe the difference is a question of the definition on efficacy.  Sinopharm added that its vaccine will neutralize antibodies to prevent the other 20% unprotected from turning to positive cases and so make it a final protection up to 99.54% for all receivers.  It is kind of complicated, isnt it?  Some netizens give a plausible explanation: (nearly)80% vaccine receivers are protected in front of Coronavirus, and the other 20% unprotected will not be sick if they are infected.  Furthermore, if they are so unlucky that becoming the one in the rest 0.46% who are also ill, still they are curable.  In othe words, once you are inoculated with Sinopharm vaccine, you will not die of COVID-19.

Believe it or not.  Please make judgement by yourselves.  Again, to a great extent, it is the question of confidence.