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2020/11/29 15:51

Last evening I went to a concert at National Music Hall, of which several pieces of symphonies played by the National Symphony Orchestra.  A former colleage of my wife, the cousin of of the orchestra conductor, who gave away two tickets to us and so we went to the concert "again".  (You know, I do not have the least knowledge about classical music, not at all.  I cannot read any muscial notes on staff, and I have never been so arty as to pretend I am a music lover.)

I really did not have any idea what the orchestra was playing throughout its performance.  However, because I sat in the very FIRST row downstairs, just a few steps away from the podium, I could clearly watch the performance and the mien of the conductor, Mr Lu, and that young orchestra master, Mr Huang.  I enjoyed watching the transcendent ambience out of their concentration and self-intoxication on the stage, which made them worth of the outburst of applauses and the curtain calls so many times in the evening.  Like I have always said pure art is a perfect vehicle of catharsis.

PS I do admire the people of muscial knowledge and instrument expertises.  In my younger days, music was an extreme luxury to my family.  When I had family of my own, music and intruments were no longer an unaffordable thing to me.  But my wife and I were busy in working, and we did not have extra tme and energy to induce our kids to get in touch of that stuff pertaining to a "bourgeois" family.  I would say it had been kind of a regret to me.  This morning when I talked to my daughter on video, I told her what I was thinking.  She said she would give my granddaughters the opportunities as possible as she could in due course.   

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