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2020/11/14 09:21

Yesterday the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally delivered a congratulatory message to the US president-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris as to respect the choice of American people, and said China also understand that the US has her own legal and administrative procedure to make a final call.  However, we note that President Xi has not said anything related to the outcome of US president election, not President Putin of Russia as well. 

Most of critics and TV panelists in Taiwan asserted that the reason why the two leaders still remained silent and just let the spokesperson deliver a guarded statement is they are trying not to infuriate Donald Trump, that political nut, lest he should do anything unexpected in his remaining tenure so as to bring up intractable troubles. 

Well, I dont think so.  My point of view is simply because both China and Russia are big countries, so big as to emulate the US in the first tier of the world, unlike UK, Germany, France, Japan, and others, who are in the second tier or below.  Mr Xi and Mr Putin have enough confidence themselves not to say congratualtions to Mr Biden until Trump delivers a concession speech.  Does China or Russia now fear any threat or intimidation from the US?  Think about it.     


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