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2020/10/18 13:26

Early this morning around 8:30, the doorbell rang.  I answered the door and saw the girl next door was standing there.  I have known her since she was a toddler like my second granddaughter is now. But I could hardly recognize this young lady just before my eyes: scantily clad and breathing alcohol fume, full-bodied.   

She asked me if she could use our bathroom.  Without a second thought, I let her in and my wife led her to the bathroom.  I thought she might drink too much and need some refreshments (or throwing-up) before returning her own home.  About ten minutes or so, she came out.  My wife gave her a cup of warm water to drink and had some chats with her.  She is a senior student of some prestigious university, majoring finance, and now is also an intern of an investment company.  Last evening she attended a party with her colleagues all night long.  When she left my apartment, my wife noticed that she put her backpack and other stuff on the door pad of her home before knocking on my door.

Well, the alcohol fume lingered in my house awhile, and some thoughts lingered on my mind, too. 

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