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試譯 有一種活法,叫“當你老了”
2020/09/02 11:58




Have you ever thought of you are a grey-haired and unsteady old fellow?


Nowadays, from dawn to dusk, alleys to parks, seniors are seen everywhere. 


This is a changing situation that you and I have to resign ourselves to: every single day there will be twenty thousand people joining the senior club, and the seniors over 65 years old are nearing a quater billion, nationwide.  


However, the new technology changes with each passing day, which almost always makes a lot of seniors dazzled and lagged behind.


Not long ago, a senior citizen was unable to pass a security checkpoint in the subway of Dalian.  The reason was quite simple: lacking of health QR code, and the old guy even did not know what the hell is it.  Due to his hearing problem and the impatience of the security officer, the old guy became nervous and flustered.  Two parties concerned thus argued bitterly with each other.   


Later on, a police officer came to mediate between the two, and old guy apologized for his undue behavior.  Many a netizen critized him behaving like a Duch uncle, but as I watched the video on the scene, I could see that was is only a solitary and helpless old guy over there.


Please do not let the internet era levave any senior behind.  To aged people, anything they have got used to is likely to change all in a sudden, and they may be left at a loss when facing any new stuff.  Please place ourselves in their position, and try to use their thinking to solve the problem.  That is essential.



The issues concerning how to provide for the aged and how to enjoy our latter days have gradually become a term of cyber star in our daily lives.


"Taking good cares of our own parents as well as others" is the fundamental requirement for better lives of seniors.  But caring is not the only one that the seniors are asking for.


Xu Kai is a post-90 young fellow who is a shutterbug.  He has been taking over several hundred pictures for the aged people living in rural areas since he was a college student.  He said during the picture-takings some old fellows were reduced to tears, and some of them were simply trying to have some chats with a stranger. 


"Pop, may I take a picture for you?"  Starting from hellows, chats to picture-taking and video-shooting, by degree Xu opened up the hearts of those seniors, and so let us see their most realistic and beautiful looks out of his lens. 


Every single old fellow is a part of history.  The vicissitudes of their lives take people to remember for them.  Besides material needs, their multi-requirements ought to be satisfied also.


Aged people are anticipating more facilities and services to fulfill their needs according to their own willingness and dignities.  Their lives should not be limited to cooking and caring grandchildren, or confined in their residence; they also have their own emotion and own value to be realized. 



Let seniors continue taking responsibilities as a member of society; make good use of their ample life experience and professional expertise; help them accommodate in social activities.  Only in so doing, can we enable them enjoying their own latter days. 


Over half of the seniors in our country are in the category between 60 and 70.  Those "young" fellows are called active seniors internationally, and in some countries and areas of highly age societies, they are still widely seen in every walk of life, from taxi drivers to cashiers in convenience stores, and so on.   


Compared with those of last generation, the seniors of new era boast of more surplus in substances, more accessible information, and stronger capacity to accommodate themselves to the society. 


Being different from their parents and grandparents of "saving first, expending second", the seniors of new generation emphasize on reasonable expanding, pursuit of beauty and health.  They could enjoy more on the various types of culture and entertainments, and could embrace the new expectation of self-realization. 


The world keeps on developing.  It is not that hard for seniors to realize the value of being "old but able". 


Eventually, everybody will be aged.  When we are getting old, let us hope we do not pay much attention on it but do live our rest life gracefully in a tender world. 

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